How to register an account?

Step 1: Download the Axiome Wallet app to your device.

Step 2: Click the "Registration" button on the authorization page.

Step 3: Fill in all the specified fields.

Create a nickname that cannot be associated with you. Since all profiles and the partnership program are located on the blockchain, all data is transparent. Remember your privacy!

Step 4: Your seed-phrase will be generated for you, which serves as the access key to your wallet and, consequently, the tokens. Be sure to store it in the most secure place.

Never share your seed-phrase with anyone. Losing it is equivalent to losing access to your wallet.

Step 5: Enter the seed-phrase generated in the previous step to ensure that you have saved it correctly.

Be attentive. Make sure that no one is currently peering at your device's screen and recording your seed-phrase.

Step 6: Please create a PIN code to access your account and confirm it. After that, activate Touch or Face ID if needed.

Congratulations, the registration is complete!

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