Axiome's global mission is to build a connected ecosystem of cutting-edge DeFi products, from which AXM holders will continually generate income. For example, the launch of a decentralized exchange, where 50% of all trading fees will be distributed in USDT among all AXM stakers. Or the issuance of a native token collateralized by AXM in just 2 clicks. All of this will stimulate the growth of AXM's value and utility, as well as the scalability of Axiome Chain as a whole.


  • The implementation of the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) module will provide the ability to migrate tokens from Axiome Chain to other blockchains (and vice versa) that have integrated IBC. It will expedite AXM's access to a multitude of already developed decentralized solutions within the Cosmos ecosystem.

  • NEXDEX. A perpetual futures L1 DEX, built on its own blockchain and integrated with the Axiome Chain IBC module for accelerated token migration. 50% of all exchange trading fees collected in USDT will be distributed weekly among AXM delegators.

As of now, the exchange is actively in development. However, you can already get acquainted with the user manual, trading terminal and official website.


  • The integration of smart contract modules will allow third-party developers to build decentralized solutions on the Axiome Chain. Axiome aims to make it easy for developers to get started by providing comprehensive documentation and developer libraries. The more solutions built on the Axiome Chain, the higher the network activity, and the stronger the value of AXM.

  • The ability to create tokens in just two clicks, backed by AXM as collateral. This feature eliminates the need for programming and allows users to name their new token and set initial and maximum emission limits with ease.


Development of proposal and voting mechanics. DAO is the best and fairest way for the community to independently determine the direction of Axiome's development. However, a full-fledged DAO can only exist on a well-constructed foundation. For DAO to come into effect, it is necessary to understand that there is a sufficient number of Axiome Chain developers and contributors among users, and the users themselves are aware of the project's development direction.

From the very beginning of the project, we make maximum efforts to ensure that the majority of Axiome users associate themselves with the ecosystem and understand the significance of their actions. For example, the variable delegation reward rate directly depends on the ratio of delegated AXM to those already mined, meaning the community determines the current rate!

The roadmap for 2024 and 2025 lays the groundwork for the future ecosystem before the introduction of DAO, with complete control over it being handed over to a prepared and cohesive community.

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