AXM Coin details

The AXM coin is a key element of the Axiome ecosystem. It serves several important functions: payment of network fees within the Axiome Chain, providing access to all ecosystem solutions, and serving as an incredibly stable method of income generation for years to come.

Purchase is available on the MEXC exchange.




The issuance of new coins occurs solely through the distribution of rewards for delegating AXM. The reward size for mining new AXM varies from 1 to 20% per month, depending on the global ratio of all delegated AXM to all mined AXM, according to the implemented floating rate mechanism. Its task is to control the mining rates depending on market conditions.

During the first 3 months after the official launch, the reward for mining new AXM will be fixed at maximum values, specifically 20% per month.

Mining new AXM occurs with the release of each new block (~5 seconds), so the rewards will grow extremely dynamically.

In addition to the floating rate mechanism, three mechanisms for burning AXM are implemented to reduce the risks of hyperinflation.

Initial Offering

The initial supply is 17,000,000 AXM, of which:

  • Company: 5,000,000 AXM have been delegated since the mainnet launch for further development and scaling of Axiome Chain's capabilities, as well as for marketing, events, collaborations, bonuses, etc.

  • ICO: 7,000,000 AXM, were sold in the first days of Axiome's launch at pre-launch prices.

  • Leadership bonuses: 5,000,000 AXM have been delegated since the mainnet launch to a separate wallet exclusively for the payout of leadership bonuses. All 100% of the delegation rewards generated by the leadership bonus wallet will be distributed among users from Leader status every week on Saturdays.

The maximum coin supply is 3,000,000,000 AXM.

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