How to start?

Below is a brief action plan for a new Axiome user. At the same time, we strongly recommend studying all the documentation to ensure you don't miss any important details.

1. Download the Axiome Wallet mobile application

2. Register your account by creating a wallet on the Axiome Chain

During registration, don't forget to provide the nickname of the person who introduced you to Axiome. If you don't have one, the system will assign you a random inviter.

Be sure to securely store your seed-phrase!

3. Purchase AXM

Purchase is available on the MEXC exchange.



4. Delegate your AXM

Earn in two ways:

  • Mine new AXM up to 20% per month.

  • Receive a share of all network fees.

5. Participate in the partnership program

Share the benefits of Axiome with your friends and earn in two ways:

  • Receive partnership rewards for each delegation of invited users up to the 14th level deep.

  • Earn weekly leadership bonuses based on your achieved status.

You can find your partners and track your progress within the status system in the blockchain explorer. Simply enter your nickname/address in the explorer's search or click the "Open at Explorer" button in the "Profile" tab of the mobile app.

6. Set up your validator

Sign blocks, mine new AXM for delegators, and earn your fees.

If you are a developer, you can refer to our GitHub and documentation.

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