Axiome is a DeFi ecosystem built on its own L1 solution, Axiome Chain, powered by the unique AXM coin.

Our mission is to build a scalable ecosystem of modern DeFi solutions, allowing AXM holders to continuously increase their staking rewards.

The release of our decentralized L1 exchange NEXDEX in 2024, built on the best practices of advanced DEX, will enable professional futures and spot trading. 50% of all collected trading fees in USDT will be distributed weekly among AXM delegators.

In simple terms, by staking AXM, with the emergence of new projects in the ecosystem, your rewards will consist not only of AXM but also of tokens from these projects.

Delegating one coin enables its holders to receive a multitude of other assets.

Thanks to this model, new projects gain access to Axiome's loyal audience from day one, and in return, they share a portion of the generated rewards, adding more value to AXM staking. Win-win!

The implementation of the partnership program has become one of the key aspects in scaling the platform. This marketing model has proven that an excellent product coupled with a generous reward system is the key to accelerating ecosystem development. Rewarded users over time become full-fledged experts, spreading the technology to the masses.

Scaling Axiome Chain will increase the network's throughput, and detailed documentation along with an extensive library will lower the entry barrier for developers. All of this is designed to maintain the demand for AXM as a utility token beyond the speculative interests of the community.

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Ways to earn

  1. Mining new AXM up to 20% per month.

  2. Share of network fees.

  3. Partnership reward. Advancing in the partnership program allows you to receive rewards from each delegation of invited users up to the 14th level deep.

  4. Leadership bonuses. Depending on your status in the partnership program, every week you participate in the distribution of 100% of all rewards for delegation generated by the leadership bonus wallet.

  5. Block validation. Sign blocks, mine new AXM for delegators, and earn your fees.

Mechanisms of tokenomics stabilization

  • The floating reward rate for mining new AXM coins is determined by the ratio of all delegated AXM to all mined ones. If this ratio stays at 85% or higher, the maximum reward rate (20% per month) is maintained for all Axiome users. If the ratio falls below 85%, the reward rate begins to decrease to slow down the growth dynamics of the available AXM supply.

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