Wallet types

Primary Wallet

In this wallet, you hold your so-called free AXM, which are not delegated. They do not generate any rewards.

With AXM in your Primary Wallet, you can:

  • Delegate

  • Send

Coins held in the Primary Wallet negatively affect the "delegated/mined" ratio.

More details

Delegation Wallet

Once you delegate your AXM to validators on the Axiome Chain, they will automatically be transferred from your Primary Wallet to the Delegation Wallet. In simple terms, this wallet stores the AXM you've delegated, constantly earning delegation rewards. Click "Claim" to transfer your rewards to the Primary Wallet to realize profits or redelegate them to increase rewards.

With AXM in your Delegation Wallet, you can:

  • Undelegate (withdraw AXM to Primary Wallet from validator stake)

  • Move stake (from one validator to another)

  • Claim rewards (withdraw accumulated rewards to Primary Wallet)

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