Partnership Program details

The partnership program is fully deployed on the Axiome Chain. There are no hidden numbers - everything is transparent and fair! Simply go to the blockchain explorer, enter the user's address or nickname, and verify the information.

To register a new user in your team, you need to delegate at least 1 AXM. This is implemented to protect the Axiome Chain from spam account attacks. Otherwise, the invited user will see a warning during registration that your profile is not part of the partnership program.


There are 2 types of rewards in the partnership program:

1. Partnership Reward

At the time of delegation, a partnership fee of 15% of the delegation amount is deducted from all invited users in your team up to the 14th level, and it is directed to their superior referrals (i.e., you). Thanks to the extremely advantageous delegation, it is possible to recoup this fee already within the first month, but its payment maintains constant motivation for users to popularize and develop the Axiome ecosystem. The size of the partnership reward depends on the level at which the user is below you. More information about levels and statuses is described below.

To start receiving partnership rewards, you need to reach the Starter status. If you lose this status, you will stop receiving partnership rewards, and they will be subject to burning.

2. Leadership Bonuses

From the official launch day of Axiome, 5,000,000 AXM has been exclusively delegated to a separate wallet for the sole purpose of paying out leadership bonuses to users. Every week, on Saturdays, 100% of the rewards generated by this wallet from delegation are distributed to the community, starting from the Leader status:














  • Leadership bonuses are credited to your Primary Wallet every week on Saturdays.

  • If there are fewer than 20 users at a certain status at the time of bonus distribution, each user will receive 5% from the pool of that status, and the remainder will be delegated. If there are more than 20 users, the rewards will be distributed equally among them. Upon reaching the Mega status, you participate in the distribution of leadership bonuses from all statuses.

To qualify for leadership bonuses, it's necessary to meet the weekly KPI conditions based on the criteria of new team delegations.

You can find the KPI conditions for each status and check your personal KPI progress in the blockchain explorer. To do this, go to the explorer and on the page of your wallet, click on the status:

Scroll down the page a bit and find the progress bar:

If the KPI is achieved only according to the conditions of lower statuses, leadership bonuses will be paid equivalent to the achieved status, and any difference will be delegated back to the leadership bonuses wallet.

You can view the number of users at each status, as well as the size of upcoming leadership payouts directly on the promo campaign page.

Statuses and benefits

There are a total of 7 statuses:

All users and their delegations up to your 14th level are taken into account for status calculation, even if these levels are not yet unlocked by your current status. Unlocking a level by status enables you to receive partnership rewards from users on those levels.

New users who don't specify an inviter during registration are automatically distributed in the first line among wallets starting from the Guru status. It's a small but pleasant bonus to grow in the status program.

You will receive a push notification "Random user" in the Axiome Wallet app when they join your team.

If you haven't met the conditions of the current status, you have 7 days to meet them. If the conditions are still not met after 7 days, you will be returned to the status where the conditions are fulfilled.

Levels and Rewards

Advancing in the status system directly impacts the unlocking of new levels in the partnership program.



by Starter





by Leader





by Guru





by Boss





by Pro





by Top





by Mega




Achieving the Mega status unlocks the opportunity to receive partnership rewards from all 14 levels.

If your status does not allow you to receive partnership rewards from certain levels, then those rewards are subject to burning.

Where to find the team and progress in the status system?

Your partnership structure and progress in the status system are available in the blockchain explorer. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Axiome Wallet mobile app and go to the "Profile" tab, then click on the "Open at Explorer" button.

Step 2. You will be redirected to the browser at to your public page.

Step 3. Scroll down the page a bit and in the "Team" tab, you will find a list of all users up to your 14th level with detailed filtering and sorting options.

The complete transparency of the ecosystem allows you to analyze the activity of any user in your team. Simply click on their nickname in the list and navigate to their public profile.

Step 4. To view your progress in the status system, click on your current status, and you will be directed to the progress page.

Step 5. Click on "More" to learn about the degree of completion of status conditions.

How to register a new user?

Reminder: To enable a new user to register in your team, you need to delegate at least 1 AXM in advance. This measure is taken to protect Axiome Chain from spam account attacks.

Step 1. Go to the "Profile" tab and copy your nickname. The nickname serves as a replacement for the invitation link for more precise registration. It's easy to remember and use.

Step 2. Send your nickname to the new user. They need to enter it in the "Your inviter" field on the registration page.

Done! After completing the registration process, the new user will be in your team on the 1st level.

Where do partnership rewards go?

All partnership rewards go to your Primary Wallet immediately after any of the invited users delegate their AXM. Open the Axiome Wallet app, go to the "Wallet" tab, and find all your partnership rewards in the transaction history.

All partnership rewards that come to the company's wallet are subject to burning.

The conditions of the partnership program can be adjusted through voting among validators to promptly respond to potential market condition changes. Any innovations will be accompanied by prior community notification.

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